What Are The Causes of a Bump on Nose?

Causes of a Bump on Nose

bump-on-noseNobody wants to wake up with a Bump on Nose because if you want to go for a picnic or a party same day then you will be very disturbed with an ugly bump on your nose and because of it you can’t enjoy with your family. You should know about all the causes that why a bump or a pimple is grown on any part of your body. There are many types of acne and they have their own treatments. You must know about all of them and how to cure any of them if you’re facing it. The bump can be bigger or smaller depends on it but it is really ugly. However it’s not very harmful for your body but it can be harmful for your skin sometimes. You should know how to treat any type of acne because some of them leaves a mark that is sometimes removable or sometimes not. There are several creams and face washes to prevent acne but these types of products can also be harmful sometimes so It’s better to concern with your doctor first and buy any product with the advice of the doctor.



Causes and Treatment

A bump or a lump inside the nose is probably a new grown pimple but when it is inside the nose it can be very painful and sometimes it can be difficult for you to breathe if they are big enough. Some types of acne are benign it means that they are not harmful or painful. I recommend you to contact with your doctor before buying any type of cream for them and get proper treatment and diagnosis of these tiny pimples. The most common cause and reason of Bump on Nose is piercing. Normally a bump appears on your nose after 1 day or 1 week after piercing of nose is done. These bumps are of two types:

Bumps with infection

Bumps without infection

The bumps with infection might be looking as a pimple having white pus in it. If it has pus in it then you should concern with a doctor urgently because it can harm your skin.

The bumps without infection are basically benign that means they are totally harmless. So you don’t need to be worried about this type of bumps. If a bump on your nose is produced because of piercing then you should use these things as natural remedies to treat that bump:

Tea tree oil

Hot compress with sea salt

Chamomile tea


You should try these remedies before going to the doctor if the bumps are produced because of piercing. There are many types of acne that can grow on your skin overnight.


Types of acne

Basically, acne is divided into two main groups:

Non-inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne

Non inflammatory acne is also known as comedones which includes whiteheads and blackheads, I have already posted about whiteheads and blackheads in detail so you can read it on the website.

Inflammatory acne includes papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. The basic difference between both of the types of acne that inflammatory acne doesn’t harms you because they are very small, otherwise let your doctor check and give you advice that what do you have to take for removing acne from your face or any part of your body.


Whitehead on nose

There are two types of non-inflammatory acne:



Whiteheads are also known as closed comedones and blackheads are known as open comedones. Probably they are formed when dead skin cells are trapped under the surfaced of a closed pore. Whitehead on nose or lip can be cured easily you just have to treat it properly otherwise it can lasts longer and it also can leave a mark. To be honest pimple or anything on your face looks very ugly and we will feel awkward while hanging out with our friends. So we should cure these as soon as possible.


Pimple on nose

There is another query of pimple on nose, many people are looking for the solution of this problem because pimples are the most common thing that is grown on our face. Please don’t forget to share us with your friends to keep them updated with each and every disease of health. We’re here for providing you solution for your every problem regarding to your health.

pimple on nose

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