Buprenex for Cats to Treat in Decent Way

An Introduction of Buprenex for Cats:

Buprenex  is a medicine, which is used for relief of chronic pain of pets such as cats and dogs. People who love pets, are very conscious about their health. Sometimes pets, especially cats suffer from chronic pains so you do not need to worry. Because buprenex has been introduced for these kind of issues. If your cat is suffering from serious injury, pain or any type of surgery, then you can use buprenex for your cat.

How to use Buprenex?

A little amount of Buprenex is used for cats. It also depends on the weight of the cat, according to the weight you can give a dose of buprenex. The amount of dose also depends the condition, age, health and type of injury  or pain. Normally buprenex is given orally, but it can be directly injected at the place of pain or injury. It works after fifteen to twenty minutes. And your pet will be fine for the next eight hours. After eight hours, again, you need to inject buprenex at the place of pain.

Side effects of Buprenex:

There are some side effects of buprenex to cats:

Buprenex is commonly used for human beings. But it is also safe to use for cats. There are some precautions before giving the dose for cats. Make sure that your cat does  not have any kind of kidney problem. You should have a check, that your cat is not using any other medicine when you are using Buprenex. Common side effects are:

  • Your cat can feel weakness after taking dosage of buprenex.
  • Your cat may suffer from indigestion or any other stomach problem.
  • Your cat may feel sedation
  • It can also cause of slow breathing.
  • It may also lead towards respiratory depression.



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