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Calories in a Banana

calories-in-bnanaAs you know almost all the women loves to diet and also some men do. Because they don’t want to be fat and healthy, if you want to look beautiful or handsome then you should be slim. That’s why when someone is dieting then he/she would like to know that how many calories are in the food they’re eating so they can control eating high calories food. Some people want to know that how many calories are there in any fruit. That’s why people search for it online about calories in a banana or in mango or any other fruit they’re eating while they are on a diet. So it’s very necessary to know that how many calories you’re eating daily. You must know this fact because if you want to diet then you should eat healthy food with less calories and stay away from the junk food with high calories because if you’re on a diet then you should also take care of your health. In this article we will tell you about the food that you should not eat and also about the healthy food that you can eat while dieting.



Calories in a Banana According to Research

According to my research, almost all the people search about calories in banana because banana is the most common fruit that is eaten and also if you’ll ask any doctor about dieting he will suggest you to eat fruits but he will never guide that which food have less calories and which fruit have high calories. Otherwise our main topic of today is about calories in a banana, it depends upon the size of the banana which you’re going to eat. A cup mashed banana of 225g has 200 calories with it. On the other hand the extra small banana has just 72 calories with it. Most common size of the banana is the medium one that is 7” to 7-7/8” long and it have 105 calories with it. If you’re on a diet then you should care about the calories about the food you’re eating or going to eat most of the people don’t know about this fact about calories and they eat fast food or junk food while dieting, that is probably not a diet because if you really want to be slim then you should avoid eating junk and fast food. I have mentioned below some of the most common food and drinks used while dieting:

Coca – cola ( 138 calories with 1 Can )

Hamburger, single patty ( 254 calories )

Pizza, 14” regular crust ( 1 pizza of 853g have 2,269 calories with it )

The food and drink mentioned above is used by most of the people and as I told you that 1 can of coke is having 138 calories with 1 Can. And one slice of pizza which is of 107g have 285 calories with it and 1 full pizza of 853g have 2,269 calories with it. So now you should be thinking about how to avoid fast and junk food.


Banana nutrition facts

The main topic of this article was about banana but I like to cover most of the things that nobody would have been told you before. As I already told you about calories in one banana so you should also know about the health and nutrition facts of banana. Bananas are high in potassium and pectin, a form
of fiber. Bananas are also high in antioxidants which can provide you protection from free radicals. There are many more facts about banana and we will try to cover them up in our next article. Don’t forget to share us with your friends and also ask them to follow us so they can also get updated with all the health diseases.

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