side effects of CT SCANA CT scan is done to judge the internal injuries of the body that have come across an accident or a trauma. It is usually recommended for patients who have bone injuries. Also, the patients who are suffering from any kind of lung disease also might need a CT scan to see the severity of infection or a disease. Cancer patients might also need a CT scan to analyze the severity of cancer and growth of cancer cells as well. it is important to understand the CT scan is done under lots of radiation which can be dangerous for pregnant women and children especially. So there is a need to understand the CT scan side effects for everyone who has ever gone under it or has to go under it in the near future. Even if you have not experienced a CT scan on your body, it is always beneficial to have some information.

CT scan side effects

Following are the side effects of CT scan.

  • Damage body cells

The radiations that are used in a CT scan might damage the cells of your body including the DNA molecules. Damage to the DN molecules can lead to cancer. This is because the radiations used in a CT scan are 100-1000 times higher than normal x-ray radiation. But this does not happen if you have taken a CT scan once in your life. it only happens if you have to undergo multiple CT scans.

ct scan side effects

  • Dangerous for the fetus

A CT scan is never recommended for pregnant women or children until it is absolutely necessary. So if you are pregnant and your doctors are planning on a CT scan, you must consider other options. The harsh radiations of a CT scan can be harmful to the fetus.

  • Allergic reactions

The dye used in a CT scan can sometimes lead to allergies. These allergies can be life threatening, depending on your blood type. So make sure your doctor has considered other options before doing the scan. CT scan side effects can be fatal, so look for other diagnostic options until you really have to.

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