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CAT scan Vs MRI

A lot of people want to know that what is the difference between computed tomography (CAT scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan). Most of the people are confused that how they relate with X-ray machines, in this article we will introduce CAT scan vs MRI in proper manner. Let’s start with CT (computed tomography).


Introduction about Computed Tomography


Simple x-ray machines give us the results about the body part which is aimed, a beam of energy is passed over that part. But in CT the beam of energy moves in a circle over the body part which is aimed, in CT scan we can get more results and detailed info about that body part and doctors can provide a better treatment. CT scan can be used for every part of a body like brain, chest, and kidneys, liver and so on.


What is MRI?

mri-scan-vs-cat-scan-ct-scanMagnetic Resonance Imaging is known as MRI scan, it is also like an x-ray machine but it provides more clear pictures of the body without using x-ray machines. There is no big difference between Magnetic resonance imaging & computed tomography. But still we need to know all the things about MRI and CT scan.


Difference between CT scan and MRI

CT scan have some advantages that the doctors sometimes prefer CT scan over MRI. Here are some advantages of CT scan.

CT is great to view clear images of body organs and they are said to be the best for soft tissues and vessels.

CT is cheaper than MRI so this is also a benefit for the patient and it can be more comfortable for some patients.

Some advantages of MRI are also available that doctors also prefer MRI over CT, they are listed below.

MRI is called the best for using in injuries like brain tumor and spinal cord injuries.

In MRI radiations are not produced MRI uses magnetic field to produce results.


Why CT scan is used

CT scan is sometimes used over x-ray machines, it is used to produce more clearly images of body organs which is aimed in it, CT takes less time and are more comfortable for the patient, doctors mostly prefer CT over MRI and this is the reason that every person have confusion that what is CAT scan Vs MRI? And most of the people don’t know the use of the both and they are looking for the best one so they always remains confused, in this article we hope so that we have cleared all the confusions.

Why MRI is used

MRI Test is also used over x-ray machines. It is used to get clear results about the joints and bones of the body if you had an accident earlier then the doctor may send you for the MRI. If you have any problem related to health concern the doctor they will tell you the problem and how to deal with it, otherwise we discussed about all the things that you should know about MRI and CT scan, please also check our other articles if you have any problem with your health and share this post with your friends so they can also know about CT scan vs MRI.

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