Constipation Relief for Cats

Mostly cats poop once in a day, the color of poop is mostly rich brown. If your cat is not pooping properly, then it has issue of constipation.

Symptoms of constipation:

  • You can find your cat in depression.
  • A Cat can go for rapid vomiting.
  • You will find hard and dry faction of the bowel.
  • You will find some liquid or blood.
  • Your cat will feel deficiency of appetite
  • Constipation can cause of swelling around the anus of the cat.

Causes of Constipation:

  • When your cat swallows bones, it makes difficult the digestion.
  • When your cat swallows the hair.
  • Eat such material which is not easy to digest
  • Your cat is not drinking water properly. There is a lack of water intake.
  • There is an extreme amount of fiber in the diet.
  • Your cat is not doing the exercise properly.
  • There may be any blockage in the intestine.
  • Muscles of cat are going to be weak and not proper working.
  • Your cat may have low blood calcium.
  • There may be a lack of some nutrients and proteins such as calcium, potassium.
  • Your cat may be taking the stress and suffering from any kind of anxiety.
  • Your cat is enable in using the toilet
  • Your cat may lose the weight


Treating constipation:

When you feel your cat is suffering from constipation. Then you must move towards treatment because it is all about the health of your beloved pet. Do not leave your cat with constipation. Immediately make an appointment with your pet. If you leave your cat with constipation the it can lead towards serious problems. For constipation relief you must add some olives in the bowl of cat. Make sure that your cat is taking fresh food and doing exercise daily.

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