Cute hairstyles & ideas for Short Hairs

It is very often especially with the girls that they want different hairstyles every day. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with this problem especially if you have short hair. Because to create new hairstyles with short hair is a big task itself because there is not enough length available to create new designs. There are few hairstyles that give you stylish look and you can also quickly adopt them as well.

Short hairstyle number 1:

This hairstyle is very easy for someone to carry in her daily routine.

For this style, you have to create a French braid down the side of your head and tie it with a small piece of rope then pull all of your hair along this braid in the back in the form of a ponytail. Then in the next step take some hair and wrap them around the ponytail and then remove that small piece of rope and use pins to maintain your hairstyle long-lasting.

Short hair style number 2:

For this hairstyle take some hair from the front of your face and start to twist them towards your ear. Do this process on both left and right sides of your head. Then use hair pins to secure and bind them. You can also use two layers of your hair for twisting them according to your wish and taste.

Short hair style number 3:

This hairstyle is very effective for extra short hair also. For this style, you have to make a French braid in the first step. This tail should be from the top of your head to the back of your head and tie it. Then take a section of hair from the left side of your head and wrap it around the back so that hairs which are tied can be hidden. Do the same process on the other side of the head.


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