10 Best Essential Oils for Acne

Essential Oils for Acne

essential-oils-for-skinMaybe whoever reading this article is facing acne so today I decided to tell you about some essential oils for acne that will help you to prevent acne. Don’t worry if you’re facing it because it is the most common problem everyone faces in their life, I already told you about some types of acne in my previous articles so you can check them also. Otherwise we will discuss about many topics later on, but I would suggest you to try some oils before you concern with a doctor. Because nowadays home remedies are very important in our life because many problems are there in the world that comes overnight without asking anyone’s permission even not yours. So it’s important to try oils for acne before asking your doctor because maybe your acne just require oils. Acne can cause you many things like it can produce painful breakouts on your face, back, chest or any other part of your body. So there are different oils available for preventing acne so don’t forget to give them a try and thanks me later. I have listed some of the oils below.

Lavender oil for acne

Tea tree oil






Lemongrass oil



These are the 10 most used and popular oils for acne, you can use any of them but make sure before using them that which kind of acne you’re facing and does that oil is suitable for your skin.

oils for skin


Using Essential Oils for Acne

Lavender oil for acne and tea tree oil are the most popular oils for acne so whenever you’re facing acne you can use any of them to prevent acne and I hope that both will work. You can find lavender oil online also and if you don’t want to buy it online then ask pharmacist near you and I’m sure that he will have it. According to the research lavender oil is good for releasing anxiety and stress that are associated with the acne breakouts and it also helps to take acne away from you so I suggest you to use it. There are 3 ways of using essential oils for acne so I have listed them below so you can use the oils properly.

Topical use

Face wash

Natural Acne Scar Treatment

These are the three methods, so use them and get relieve from acne. Basic way of using topical method is to take 2-3 drops to area of concern. There are many causes of acne so let’s have a discussion about what causes acne.


Causes of Acne


Now after knowing about oils for preventing acne, you should have a question that how acne is caused?  How to cure it? So I thought to tell you about causes of acne so you can use best acne treatment to prevent acne. Waking up from a deep sleep and knowing about acne on your face is the weirdest feeling. Basically acne occurs when the pores on your skin are blocked because of anything like dead skin or bacteria. The 4 main and basic causes of acne are listed below.

Dead skin cells

Clogged pores


Oil production

These are the main reasons that acne is caused. Try home remedies and if they don’t work then ask your doctor and get a proper treatment. Share us with your friends to keep them updated with the health diseases and problems.

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