There are many ways to style hair of a black boy. Black boys mostly got the thick, curly and dark black hair. They can get a hair cut for long, short, curly hair. If you are a black boy and you want to change your hairstyle then you will get many ideas for your haircut. Here is a list, which will help you in choosing the best haircut. It is hard to select a haircut if you have short hair and also if you have long hair. This article will solve your problem.

  • Box fade cut:

This hair style will give you look of 80’s and 90’s. You can get this haircut in short hair. Sides of hair (near to ear and neck) will be short and the top side of hair will be long.

  • Mini Afro:

If you have dark black, thick and curly hair, then you can go for this type of haircut. It will give you a trendy look.

  • Low tapered Afro:

If you want longer hair and at the same time you want to look nice, then you must go for this haircut. This hair cut is for long hair.

  • Short and curly:

If you want  such a haircut, which take a little attention. If you have not much time to set your hair daily or give your hair too much time. Then you must try this type of haircut. This haircut does not take so much time and attention. You can set this haircut just in minutes.

  • Defined wave cut:

If you are working in an organization or corporation, where you want to look professional. Then you should try a haircut with defining wave. This haircut gives you a professional look. It increases your confidence level. Your boss will be impressed by your look.


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