Headache On Top of Head | Why It Is Caused?


Headache On Top of Head

headache-on-top-of-headHeadache is a very common pain that all we face and it is caused because of unlimited reasons. Sometimes it is caused because of tensions and stress and sometimes it is caused because of using laptops and mobiles for a long time or watching television for a long time. Headache on top of head is basically caused due to tensions of family or in finance then you start taking drugs or start smoking etc. but I would suggest you to concern a doctor or take a painkiller if you’re facing headache in back of head. There are many types of headache that you face and there are different causes for it and it’s very difficult for you to know that which of headache type you’re facing. And that’s why you start searching for it online that how pain in head is caused and what is its treatment or should I concern doctor or take painkillers. Some of the people ask that brain tumor and headache are related to each other or not. But as I already said that headache is mostly caused by stress so it’s only a temporary headache not a brain tumor.


Types and Causes of Headache on top of Head

There are different types of headaches and their causes are also different, approximately there are 150 types of headache so we have mentioned some of the types below:

Tension headaches


Mixed headache syndrome

Cluster headaches

Sinus headaches


I have mentioned 5 types of headaches above, basically tension headaches are also called stress headaches and they are caused because of tensions and stress that is in your mind due to problems maybe your family problems or financial problems. And the easy way to cure them is to stop taking tension and take some rest and if the pain is not going then you should use painkiller but don’t ever take drugs or any other thing like people starts smoking or drinking wine is also not good for health. Headache on top of head is a very common condition for most of the people because it can come anytime so you should keep a painkiller in your pocket so if you face pain in head then you can use that painkiller. Migraines are mostly described as throbbing pain and they are the worst type of headache because they stay with you from 4 hours to 3 days and sometimes they take more than 3 days to leave. Mixed headache syndrome is basically the mixture of both the migraines and tension headaches and all the adults and children can face it. Sometimes headache in the back of the head is caused because of weak eyesight. When you excessively use laptops and mobiles then your eyesight becomes weaker and this is a very common cause of headache. But I suggest you to concern with a doctor about your headache so he can tell you that which of the type of headache you’re facing. There are many symptoms and home remedies for headache that I want you to know about them. Let’s have a short discussion about it.


Symptoms Of Headache

headache-on-topFirst of all if you have any type of pain you can feel it so it’s same for headache that when you’re facing headache you will feel like your head is about to break. And you will be very worried that what you should do to remove and cure that pain. Sometimes you can also feel pain in your eyes with your head because of using electronic things like you’re watching television and suddenly pain in your eyes and head starts then you should know that you’re having a weak eyesight so you then need to concern with a doctor for glasses. Moreover there are many home remedies available for headache on top of head so you can try them and maybe the pain stops. Some of the home remedies are listed below so read them and give them a try:


Relax breathing

Take some rest ( usually this is all you need )

A cup of tea

Massage is one of the best home remedy that you can use, ask anyone in your home to do massage of your head so that the pain maybe stops. Otherwise if the headache you’re facing is stress or tension headache then you need to breathe relax and take some rest because taking rest is the best option you can use while having headache. A cup of tea can help you if you like it then you must drink a cup of tea because it also helps us to relax our body and release our tiredness. There are many more things that you should know about the headache so we will try to discuss more things in our next article. Don’t forget to share us with your friends to keep them updated with every single disease regarding health.

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