How to Make White Gummy Bear Shot?

White Gummy Bear Shot

Most of the people want to know that what a white gummy bear shot is. 😀 And what is its recipe? Can we make it for dinner? Because majority of the people want to know exciting dishes to make for their friends at dinner when they arrives your home as guests because it’s very necessary to impress them with making a delicious dinner for them.


White Gummy Bear Shot Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients are mentioned below, use them properly as I said that if you’ll not use them properly then it’s going to be an incomplete dish.

Take 1 oz cherry vodka

Take 1 oz peach Schnapps

¼ oz pineapple juice

¼ oz lemon lime soda

Basically the main ingredient of this dish is vodka and it’s very necessary when you’re going to make white gummy bear shot. Don’t forget to use proper ingredients in white gummy bear recipe because if you forgot any ingredient then your dish will remain incomplete. That’s why I decided to write a recipe of white gummy bear shot. Our aim is to provide you everything that is good for you no matter it is regarding health or recipes. So keep following us to get more updated. Otherwise, to be honest it’s a very delicious and flavored recipe that you will love it if you’ll make it properly. The wait is over now, let me tell you the recipe.


This is all you have to take for making a white gummy bear shot just use these ingredients properly and if you are confused that how to use them then you should watch video on YouTube so it will help you throughout. There are many things you can make by using vodka, gummy bear shot and white gummy bear drink are two of those. Don’t forget to try it out and thanks me later. Mostly people reading this article want to know that how to prepare this dish, so let me clear that confusion also because it’s very important for us to provide you every single thing in detail.


Step by Step Preparation of White Gummy Bear Shot Recipe:


First of all you have to make a mixture of vodka and peach schnapps as I mentioned above. The quantity of vodka depends on you that how much you want it in your dish. So you can add vodka according to your taste.

Now add half glass of pineapple juice and lemon soda and then mix all the ingredients to make it appropriate.

After mixing them all you can pour it in any glass in which you want to serve. By the way, when it comes to the popularity of gummy bear shot then it’s a very popular dish and many people serve it in dinner in front of their guests because its look and taste of white gummy bear recipe is amazing.

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