Well known Side Effects of an MRI Scan

Doctors recommend an MRI only when they see clear benefits of the test. MRI scans have proven to be important tools to diagnose the detail of injuries or disease in a patient. Mostly, the advantages of an MRI outweigh the risks associated with it, but still, there is a need to understand the possible disadvantages of the test. In the later parts of the article, we are going to discuss MRI scan side effects which may or not be same for all patients.


MRI scan side effects

Following are the possible side effects associated with an MRI.

  • Risk for metal objects

In case your doctors or the nurses have forgotten to tell you to remove all the metallic objects from your body before you take an MRI, you need to know that the MRI scanner attracts metal objects. This attraction is really high, which can lead to an electric shock to the body, which is harmful to the patient.

  • Pacemakers

MRI scanners can also lead to malfunctioning of pacemakers, which is why patients with pacemakers installed in their chest need to consider other options of getting tested.

  • Implants

If you have any kind of implants in your body, you need to inform your doctor because implants can make an MRI unsafe. The radiologist will recommend another type of scan for you.

  • Pregnancy

Any kind of radiation no matter what is the severity is dangerous for the pregnant women. So, an MRI must not be performed until there is any another way to get the details of the inside of the body.

  • Anesthesia issues

If a child needs to go through an MRI, he might need a light dose of anesthesia. But, there are risks involved with it as well. You can never know if the child is allergic to anesthesia, which can be fatal.

There are a lot of conferences to tell doctors about things like MRI scan side effects because each case is different and new side effects can keep coming u as per the nature of patient’s criticality.

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