Things You Should Know About Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

bed-bug-on-handThere are many things about bed bugs that you should know, because almost all the people want to know that what a bed bug is and does it bites and if bites then how hard it bites. Many people also have questions related to cockroaches that Do roaches bite? So in this article I will try to give answers to all your questions. First of all you must know that what a bed bug is. Probably a bed bug is a small tiny insect of brownish color. They are not so big that’s why they can hide under anything like sofa or table. The answer to the question that do Bed Bug Bites is “yes” they can surely bite you but you will not feel pain but a red mark on your skin will be placed because of their bite. We will discuss about all these topics in details in this article.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are basically tiny and small insects of brownish color that live on humans or animals blood, most commonly they bites us when we’re sleeping, we will not feel any pain at first but after sometime it feels itchy at the place where they bites and it also becomes reddish. Bed bugs usually don’t fly but they can move fast on the floor and they can hide under any large object like sofa, bed and table also. Sometimes the female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs each of the egg is about the size of speck of dust. Bed bugs can enter your home from anywhere and they can hide in our luggage, their bodies are flattened so they can fit in any tiny place and we can’t even see them sometimes. If you find any reddish itchy mark on your skin then you should know that this mark is caused by Bed Bug Bites. You must kill bed bugs if you see any of them in your home, they don’t have diseases with them but they can cause irritation and itchiness on the skin. The body of an adult bug is flat and their size is about the size of an apple seed. They feed themselves for 3 to 10 minutes and their body swells and is of reddish color. We must know that how to get rid of bed bugs.


Do Bed Bug Bites hard?

There is one big question about bed bugs that if they bites then how hard they bite. Let’s clear all your confusions about these type of questions. First of all when a bug bites you on the skin, the skin will not swell but it will turn into reddish color and also it will be very itchy. There are some symptoms of bug bites that you should know, some of them are listed below:

Raised, red welts

Burning and itching

Bed bug bite rash across localized area

Straight lines of multiple bites

Basically, they are called Bed Bug Bites because their favorite area of hiding is under bed, you maybe sometimes bitten a number of times before you wake up. You must concern your doctor if you don’t know that what kind of a bite that is because sometimes all the insects bite the same. Otherwise we will try to cover all the insects in our next article. Most of the insect bites are harmless like mosquitoes, fleas and mites bites are just itchy they are not much painful and also not harmful. But on the other hand some of the insect bites hard like fire ants, wasps, hornets and bees. These insects’ bites are sometimes very harmful because they stings or bites very hard. Some of the times insects can also spread diseases because there are some viruses that they can spread over easily. Some of the viruses are listed below:

Zika virus

West nile virus

Lyme disease

Chagas disease

Zika virus and west nile virus both are caused by mosquitoes. According to the doctors mosquitoes are dangerous among all the insects because they have many diseases that they can spread easily.


How to get rid of bed bugs?

You should know that how to kill bed bugs and how to prevent them entering your house, I must suggest you to use non-chemical methods to kill bed bugs and if needed you should use pesticides to kill insects according to the label directories. There are many products like sprays available in the market so you can also buy any of them and use it in your house they can also be used to kill the insects. You must take care of these types of insects and if any of them bites you then you should take an action immediately like I told you that you should kill them because some of the times they comes in a group of two or three bugs and bites on your skin that’s why there are more than 1 reddish itchy marks on your skin. I hope that I have cleared all your confusion about bed bugs, please don’t forget to share us with your friends and also ask them to subscribe us that they can also stay updated with all the health diseases.

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